The Artist and the Guide


Born in Melbourne, Australia, Adam James Rankin


After employing his creativity in the upper echelons of the lucrative corporate world,

travelling internationally, Adam received a wake up call in the form of a chronic illness.


When his art became a healing practice, he encountered rare, antique Tibetan singing bowls on his Indian and Nepalese ventures. Enchanted and inspired, a passionate love
affair ensued, spanning two decades of experience with over 300 extremely rare high
quality antique bowls.


Currently under the mentorship and guidance of two Internationally renowned Masters of cellular regeneration & evolution - Master Jun & Master Yang, Adam has been gifted with the ability of utilising his special tools, and the wisdom lineage of his masters to increase vitality and wellbeing to his clients worldwide.


Adam has a deep connection to first people’s culture and was invited by Jingki Wanganu, to curate and create the Opening Ceremony in the inaugural Blue Flame Dreaming event in Byron Bay Australia. Custodians of Uluru, Byron Bay, Broome and Kimberleys territories were present.


“Sensitive and intuitively crafted, my group and private sessions are for everyone,
an environment for nurturing and self discovery. People leave feeling wholesome,
deeply rested, nurtured, peaceful, radiant and in union with their hearts knowing.”

Adam James Rankin